Frequently Asked Questions


Is GigZter a Bank Account, or a Prepaid card, or a credit card?

GigZter is a Business Checking Account that you open through the App or online. Evolve Bank & Trust (Member FDIC) provide the Banking Services. GigZter is more than a typical bank account.

It delivers banking, payments, and everyday tools you need to run your business, all in one. GigZter Business Checking Account also comes with a GigZter Visa Card that lets you make purchases and withdraw cash available on your Business Checking Account. It is a unique Credit Card, unlike a traditional credit card, and has no fees or interest. It only lets you spend what is in your Checking Account. 

What is GigZter?

GigZter is a novel approach that brings together the right tools for getting paid, online banking, and managing your business, essential for people who run their own business or are self-employed. Today, these are separate disconnected services that are expensive, complex, and are not connected to make your work easier. 
When you open an account with GigZter, you get an online Digital Business Checking Account with Evolve Bank & Trust. You also get a GigZter Visa Card® that can be managed entirely from the App on your phone. 
Plus, you can receive your income instantly by simply accepting any method of payment from your customers when you complete the work. The GigZter App is available on both Android and iOS and can be accessed online. Just use your email address to get started. 

Who can open and use a GigZter Account?

All U.S. Citizens or Residents who are 18 years and older are welcome to GigZter! Anyone can become a Gigzter, deposit money from their paycheck in the GigZter Business Checking Account, and use the GigZter Visa card. Specially tuned for the self-employed and people who operate their businesses as sole proprietors or Small Business entities, a valid SSN and or EIN (if you are a registered business) is needed to open a GigZter Account. You must reside in the United States of America to operate the GigZter Account. 

How can GigZter credit money right a way when others take up to 3 days?

GigZter uses state-of-the-art digital and mobile technology, security to ensure the transaction is safe and sound when your customers complete the payment. GigZter then pre funds the money from its account immediately into your account based on successful payment from your customer. GigZter then collects funds that may take up to 3 days. We believe digital payments should be as instant and accessible as cash. We employ technology and security to make it easy to receive your income.

What can I do with my GigZter Account?

With GigZter, you can: 

  • Accept payments for the services you provide and access the money instantly.
  • Operate a Business Checking Account to save money, pay your bills, track your balance.
  • Track your income, expenses, and cash flow.
  • Manage your customers, send invoices and receipts, track their payments and grow your business.
  • Engage with your customers by offering referrals and discounts.

Is GigZter free to me, or how much does it cost me?

We at GigZter believe in transparency. We charge a 2.5% Payment fee (You can set this in how you charge your customers) to cover the costs of accepting payments. The GigZter Business Checking is FREE. There are no monthly minimum or service fees. You get surcharge-free ATM access with MoneyPass ATMs nationwide.

How does GigZter make money?

GigZter makes money from the usage of your GigZter Visa Card. Every time you use your Visa Card to make purchases or pay your bills, Visa defines and collects the processing and interchange fees that the merchants pay for the service. GigZter receives a portion of that fee. GigZter uses the funds and continues to build new and productive tools that help self-employed and businesses like yours get the most out of your GigZter solution. The Payment Fee collected by GigZter is primarily to pay fees to the Acquiring Bank and the respective network. We can make the payment acceptance possible with a low-cost charge to cover the cost that GigZter has to pay.

How do I get in touch with Support?

Our support team is always happy to help! You can reach us anytime by email at support@gigzter.com.

Do I need to have a registered business to apply?

No. You can open a GigZter Account without being a registered business. We require your Social Security Number to verify your identity and open the account. We need the Employer Identification Number (EIN) to open the account for registered companies. You can also use your SSN if you don’t have an EIN.

How do the Payments work in GigZter?

Once you have established a GigZter Account, you are ready to accept payments from your customer through the GigZter App. 

1. Create a Payment Request in the App in a few easy steps.

  • Select or add your customer with a mobile number or email address. 
  • Add information about the work you completed. 
  • Enter the amount your customer owes you. 
  • Personalize the message to send your customer. 
  • Show a QR code, Send the Request in Text, email, or both.

2. Customer makes payment.

  • Your customer clicks on the link in the text or email.
  • They see the invoice online, accept your service, including the amount, and choose to pay.
  • They can pay with their bank account, debit or credit card, or a wallet such as Apple Pay.

GigZter credits your account with money.

  • GigZter processes the payment right away.
  • On successful payment, you get the funds credited into your account instantly.

What choices will my customers have to pay me?

GigZter provides several convenient options for your customer to pay from their mobile device. 

  • Bank Account. Your customer can securely use their online banking to pay directly from their checking or savings account. 
  • Debit Card. They can use their Visa, Mastercard debit cards to make their payment.
  • Credit Card. They can use any valid credit card, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover to make the payment.
  • Apple Pay. Your customers can pay with their Apple Pay Wallet when they make payment from their iPhone or iPad.
  • Google Pay. When customers use Chrome on their mobile device and have Google Pay set up, they can pay you with their Google Pay.
  • Tap to Phone and In-Person payments. Your iPhone can be your terminal to accept in person payments. We also support terminals for in person payments at your store.

Will my customers get a receipt?

Yes. GigZter will display a payment receipt and let your customers download it once they make the payment. 

Can I send a reminder?

Yes, you can always track all outstanding payment requests and choose to send reminders to your customers through text or email with a link to make their payment.